There are many conditions that lead to neck and back pain.

The vast majority of these conditions are related to muscular strains that are self limited and will resolve over time. However, other times these can be more serious or long lasting. These frequently occur because of traumatic injuries (falls, car accidents, lifting injuries, etc ) or degenerative conditions of the disks or joints similar to arthritic conditions.

Disc Herniation

Disc Herniation symptoms tend to occur suddenly or worsen over days, weeks, or months, after an initial episode of neck or back pain.

Degenerative Disk Disease

Degenerative Disk Disease involves the wearing down of a spinal disk over time, frequently causing no symptoms but potentially leading to increased pain in the neck or back.

Spinal Stenosis

‚ÄčDegeneration and dehydration of the spinal discs and/or joints lead to bone spur formation and narrowing of the spinal canal.


The presence of radiculopathy is one of the telltale symptoms that a more serious condition is present rather than a muscular strain.


Conditions that lead to compression of the spinal cord can lead to progressive weakness, balance problems, loss of dexterity of the hands, or loss of control of bowel and bladder control.