Laminectomy is a procedure done from the back of the spine to remove excessive bone or tissue that is compressing the nerves or spinal cord. During this procedure, the back muscle is pushed off of the spine briefly and the excessive bone and soft tissue is removed.  By relieving this compression, the nerves are able to move freely in the spinal column and often a patient is able to be more active without pain. 

Why you should choose laminectomy

  • Laminectomy is best for treating nerve or spinal cord compression due to degenerative conditions of the spine where excessive soft tissue or bone accumulates.
  • Laminectomy can also be used in cases to access the nerves or spinal cord when a disk has herniated compressing the nerves or even rarely when an infection or tumors have spread to the spine
  • In cases where nerve compression is associated with poor spinal alignment or instability, often laminectomy is combined with spinal fusion. 

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