Microdiscectomy is a minor, typically outpatient, surgery that is done to remove a fragment of the spinal disk that has broken off and is compressing a nerve of the back.  This type of disk problem frequently causes pain or numbness in the leg. By removing this fragment, the nerve is decompressed to move freely, and this pain (e.g., sciatica) is eliminated. This surgery is done through a small incision in your back and uses a high powered surgical microscope to remove this fragment.

Why you should choose microdiscectomy

  • Microdiscectomy is generally the most effective for disks that have ruptured in the lower back, leading to sciatica (leg pain and/or numbness).  This is not typically done in the neck or lower back due to the risk of injuring the spinal cord. It is not generally as effective at treating pain of the back itself.
  • Because the majority of the disk is not removed, spinal motion should remain normal after microdiscectomy. However, because the disk is weakened from the initial injury, occasionally patients can develop another disk rupture in the same location later in their lifetime. 

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